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The most important part about making a strong foundation is the for it to have a good base.  Some contracors have there cement people level threir dirt pads and that is exactly what they do, level the dirt.  South Texas Paving, equiped with water trucks, motorgraders, and large pad foot rollers can compact the foundation to the maximum compaction.  If foundations are not compacted properly it can lead to costly roof or wall repairs, as well as foundation leveling.

Concrete Parking Lots


Have you ever seen a concrete parking lot with bloken corners, dips and cracks everywhere?  That happens when the ground is not compacted below properly. Most concrete companies dont buy compaction equipment to save money.  They simply level the dirt and throw the concrete. South Texas Paving treats each parking lot the same and compacts the subgrate to maximum compaction for a more stable and beautiful looking parking lot not only for the first year, but the next 30-40 years there after.

Concrete Sitework

Concrete is one of the most important construction materials used in a variety of site structures including parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, dumpster pads, drain pans, ADA Compliant Ramps, Handicap ramps. PLM provides all of these services.

Concrete Removal & Replacement

Even the most well maintained concrete can’t escape damage over time. Heavy traffic and weather elements contribute to the wear and tear causing deterioration to the concrete. When the areas worsen it causes problems to the structure, commonly requiring concrete removal and replacement. South Texas Paving performs repairs and replacement of concrete.


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